Top 5 Background Removal Service Providers in (2021)


Whether you are a photographer or an online seller, removing background from photos is crucial. 

But it is a time-taking and tiresome photo editing task. As a business owner or photographer, you don’t have the time to edit out your photos. 

So, hiring someone to do this work for you is the best way to scale up your business. 

And the real challenge is there are thousands of companies around the world. 

Picking the best one from the crowd is typical for taking a professional background removal service. 

Of course, you can get the work done by spending $5 only for 50-100 images from Fiverr. And what will be their quality, you already know better than me. 

So, is there any photo editing company that offers high-end background remover services without missing the deadline?

Fortunately, we found the top 5 companies that offer pro-level editing services on time, meeting all your requirements. 

So, let’s dive in to pick your next partner to grow your online business by making the product photo pop up.  

Top 5 Background Removal Service Providers in 2021

Here is the list of the top 5 photo background remover companies in 2021.

  • FixThePhoto
  • Pixelz 
  • Clipping Path India 
  • WeEditPhotos
  • Color Experts BD
  • Wedding-Retouching
  • High-end Beauty Retouching

01. FixThePhoto

background removing samples from fix the photo
Credit: Fix The Photo

FixThePhoto is the best photo editing company on this list for high-quality background changing service. They are specialized in image retouching. But their highly skilled retouchers are also efficient in background removing. 

They don’t only change the photo background but also do: 

  • Color correction
  • Smooth the skin tone
  • Remove wrinkles
  • Replace the sky
  • Apply dodge and burn

Indeed, making a photo stand out, they do everything for you. 

The best part we like most about FixThePhoto is- it’s a multilingual company. It means no matter what languages you used to communicate, it will not be a barrier to take services from them. 

Quick turn-around is another plus side of Fix The Photo. Nonetheless, they offer a free trial. So, you have the opportunity to test the editing quality. 

Depending on your photo and its complexity, the price range falls between $5-$25. Here is the screenshot of their price chart. 

background removal service pricing of Fix The Photo
Credit: Fix The Photo

02. Pixelz

image background removal sample from Pixelz
Credit: Pixelz

Pixlez is a photo editing company that specializes in e-commerce product image editing. So, if you want to sky-rocket your online sales by attracting your potential buyers, then Pixelz is just for you.

To make your product photo stand out from the crowd, they don’t only remove the background but also: 

  • Retouch the photo
  • Remove wrinkles and improve shape
  • Apply hand-drawn clipping path
  • Bring back the natural color
  • Add drop shadow

Pixelz doesn’t only entice your product photo but also optimize them for publishing on your website. 

When it comes to pricing, they have a subscription-based pricing model, including solo, professional, and enterprise. In calculative, they take $0.95 to edit per photo. 

pricing chart of pixelz
Credit: Pixelz

Like others, Pixelz also offers a free trial, and the turnaround time is the next morning. 

03. Clipping Path India

product photo background removal sample of clipping path india
Credit: Clipping Path India

Clipping Path India is specialized in clipping path what the brand name implies. And you know that in every photo editing task, a hand-drawn clipping path is inevitable. 

Like Pixelz, they also offer product image editing services. They optimize your product photos based on the marketplace like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. 

So, if you are a seller on those online marketplaces, you don’t need to be worried about optimizing your photo according to their guideline.

Besides offering clipping path and background remove service, they also provide: 

  • Ghost Mannequin
  • Image masking 
  • Color improving 
  • Photo retouching
  • Vector conversion

The best thing about this company is its manpower. They have over 300 professional graphic designers. So, the turnaround time will be super fast. 

The price they take starts from $0.25. So, if you are on a tight budget but look for high-quality service, then Clipping Path India will be your next editing partner.

04. We Edit Photos

background removing sample from we edit photos
Credit: We Edit Photos

WeEditPhotos is another company that offers professional photo editing services. 

Generally, they are specialized in retouching, but the quality of removing background from photos is excellent. 

Apart from changing the background, they also apply the following techniques:

  • Color correction
  • Liquify
  • Remove stray hair
  • Make the skin smooth
  • Remove bags under eyes
  • And a lots

We Edit Photos has pricing models that ranges fall between $0.2-$10 based on the editing workflows. Here is the screenshot of their price-chart. 

photo editing pricing of we edit photos
Credit: We Edit Photos

05. Color Experts BD

background removal sample from Color Experts Bd
Credit: Color Experts Bd

Color Experts BD is another background remover company that offers high-quality photo editing services at a low price. 

Like other companies, they also don’t use automatic background eraser apps. Instead, they use Photoshop to remove the background from the image manually to meet the highest quality. 

The background removal service they offer falls under these categories: 

  • Basic shaped subject
  • Simple shaped subject
  • Medium
  • Complex
  • Super Complex
  • Remove background with masking

Based on your photo complexity, the price of removing the background is $0.49-$7.99. 

The turnaround time is also faster than its competitor. They can deliver 2500 images within 12 hours. 

What should you consider before choosing a background removal service provider? 

The editing quality doesn’t only entice your product photo but also represent your brand. Therefore, it also impacts on the sales rate. So, before choosing a photo editing company, consider the following criteria. 

Photo Editing Quality

First off, consider the editing quality the service provider offers. Check out their examples page or the service pages to see the image editing quality. If their photo editing styles and quality meet your requirements, don’t hesitate to order them. On the other hand, if they have a lack of example images or inconsistent quality, just leave their website. 

Delivery Time

Quality is not enough but the turnaround time also matters a lot. A professional photo editing service provider never misses the deadline. They deliver the project on time, meeting the highest quality.  

Customer Support 

Always look for a company that offers responsive customer support. Never hire service providers who have a poor support team. Fortunately, most of the professional company has a dedicated support team for providing 24-hours live support. 

Offer a free trial or not

You should also consider whether the company offers a free trial or not. In this way, you can easily judge the editing quality of the service provider. Besides, how responsive and how helpful they are you can also understand through giving them an image for a trial. 

Customer Review

The best way to evaluate the overall service quality of a company is by checking the customer review. Every professional editing company has a review page or Trustpilot account. So, check the review and see what their existing customers say about their service. If everything seems to be fine, don’t hesitate to hand-over your images to them. 


When it comes to taking high-quality background remover services, you need to spend a bit more. However, some companies like Clipping Path India and Color Experts BD offer high-quality services at a reasonable price. You can hire them to get the best output while you don’t require to break your bank. 

How can I remove the background from a picture professionally?

Follow the below step by step guide to remove background from photos in Photoshop. 

Firstly, open the image you want to edit in Photoshop. 

Secondly, press P from your keyboard to grab the Pen tool and adjust the topbar menu according to this: 

  • Choose both the Pen tool and Path tool
  • Checkmark these tools, including Rubber-band, Auto Add field, and Exclude overlapping path area

Thirdly, select with the pen tool, start creating paths around your subject. It helps you to remove anything outside the selection you make. So, take your time to create precise paths.

Fourthly, once you complete creating paths, inverse the selection by going to Select > Inverse. Or you can use this shortcut- Shift + Control + I. 

Finally, from your keyboard, use this shortcut- Ctrl + X to remove the background. 


How can I change the background of a picture for free? 

You can change the photo background for free using a background eraser app like Remove Bg. 

In this case, you don’t need to do anything. What you need to do is- just go to Remove Bg

Then, tap on the Upload Image button from the homepage to open the one you want to edit. 

Finally, the website itself does everything for you. 

How can I change the background of a picture without Photoshop? 

You can use GIMP, the free alternative to Photoshop, to remove background from an image professionally. Besides, you can also use Affinity Photo, Lightroom, and Luminar 4 to do the same trick. 

Therefore, you can find a lot of free online photo editors like Remove BG, Auto Clipping, Picmonkey to change the image background. 

What is the best background remover app? 

Undoubtedly, Adobe Photoshop is the best background eraser app that is mostly used by professionals. 

Final Words

Choosing the best background removal service providers matters a lot. 

The quality of the edited photo doesn’t only improve the sales rate but also helps to build your brand identity. 

Fortunately, we enlisted the best photo editing company in the world. You can choose any of them for getting high-quality services. 

Among them, we recommend Fix The Photo most for its world-class service. 

However, if you are on a tight budget but look for qualitative services, then Clipping Path India and Color Experts Bd will be your best bait 

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