Top 5 Best Camera Bag for Sony a6000

Top 5 Best Camera Bag for Sony a6000

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Which is the best camera bag for Sony a6000?

As a sony a6000 owner, you know how small it is. So, you don’t need a large bulky camera backpack to carry it.

Instead, a small but compact camera bag or camera case will be the best bait for you.

However, what camera bag will be best mostly depends on the sony a6000 lenses you are carrying. 

In this round-up post, we reviewed the top 6 camera bags & cases for the Sony a6000. 

The best part is- each of the camera bags we enlisted is lightweight, spacious enough, durable, and affordable.

So, let’s dive into this guide to explore the best one for your Sony a6000.

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Top 5 Best Camera Bags for Sony a6000 in 2020

After a thorough research, our editorial team picks the top 5 camera case and sling bags. All of them will meet your basic needs and beyond. So, let’s check out the below list.

01. Sony LCSU21 Soft Carrying Case

Sony LCSU21 Soft Carrying Case-best camera bag for sony a6000

You don’t hate the camera bag if it comes from the same brand from where you purchase the camera! Then, Sony LCSU21 Soft Carrying Case is just for you. 

This Sony camera case is specifically built-in for the sony a6000 in mind. The main compartment of this bag has two pouches. There have adequate space to store a6000 with kit lenses (15-55mm). 

Even it can hold the 55-200 mm lens with the a6000 body. Therefore, there have a bit of space to carry a flash or blower bulb. You can also carry a charger, sd card, or other small stuff in the side pockets. 

For ensuring the safety of your camera, the inside of the camera case is well-padded. On top of that, its soft-side case design offers extra protection. 

Carrying this backpack is comfortable and effortless because of its lightweight design. Plus, it also has an adjustable strap that lets you bear this camera case around your shoulder with ease.

Two Velcro Dividers 

The best feature we spot out of this Sony camera case is its two velcro dividers. As a result, you can reposition the divider the way you want to keep your camera and lenses with ultimate protection. And one of them is foldable. So, you can fold it up to protect your lens when you close the top flap. 


  • Made of quality materials to ensure longevity
  • Adequate space to store the camera body with kit lenses
  • Well-padded for ensuring protection of your camera equipment
  • Adjustable strap to carry the bag with top comfort


  • It would be best if it comes with a shoulder strap

Buying Tips

It will be your best camera bag for sony a6000 for its ability to store the sony a6000 camera with the kit lens. You can carry both the kit lens(15-55mm) and a zoom lens (55-210mm). Therefore, it lets you take a charger and battery. 

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02. Sony LCSSC8 Lightweight System Case

best sony camera bag

Getting the best sony camera bag for the a6000 with extra pockets is challenging. But our editorial team brings this surprise at number 2: Sony LCSSC8 Lightweight System Case. 

This camera case features multiple pockets to store accessories like chargers, lens cleaning kits, and so on. Indeed, you can’t only carry the camera body with lenses but also other stuff you require. 

Above all, it comes with a wide opening flap. In return, you can quickly access the bag and bring out the camera for snapping a shot. In short, you will never miss a scenic shot as you can grab the camera when you need it. 

Therefore, the soft system case offers superior protection to your delicate equipment like a camera & lens. 

And its comfortability! This camera case comes with adjustable shoulder straps. Because of it, you can customize it according to your need and carry it like a charm. 

Adjustable Padded Internal Dividers

The sweet feature we spot out of this camera case is its adjustable internal divider. It has two padded velcro partitions. You can move them around and make three pouches to keep a camera with lenses. Additionally, the dividers also protect your camera from stress as they are well-padded. 


  • Additional accessory pockets allow you to pick extra stuff
  • Soft system case and padded pouches ensure superior protection
  • High-quality construction materials make this durable
  • Comfortable to carry


  • The zippers of this bag only go one way

Buying Tips

If you look for a camera bag with additional pockets to hold a Sony a6000 with lens and other stuff, then it will be your ideal pick.

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03. MOSISO Camera Sling Bag

best mirrorless camera bag

Finding a multi-functional camera sling bag compatible with DSLR, SLR, and mirrorless camera is a daunting task. But our editorial team burns a lot of wood and straw for you to find this camera bag: MOSISO Camera Sling Bag. 

The multi-factional backpack has a large compartment with dividers. As a result, you can adjust the inner cell to accommodate any type of camera with lenses from different brands. 

So, whether you own a camera from Sony, Canon, or Nikon, you don’t need to worry about that. Because this mirrorless camera bag fits for every camera brand. 

Above all, this water-resistant camera backpack has several compartments. Inside them, you can store a camera, lenses, extra accessories, and personal belongings. 

Therefore, the camera backpack has a tripod holder on one side. In return, you can carry a tripod with ease. And the anti-theft zippered pocket on its back allows you to keep your valuable stuff. 

Indeed, this best DSLR camera bag will be your best friend for travel and outgoing. 

On top of that, the inner parts of this backpack are surrounded by a soft foam layer. It offers optimum protection to your delicate and valuable camera accessories. 

Finally, the comfortable carrying! The sling camera bag comes with flexible shoulder straps from 19.3 to max 38.7 inches. So, both men and women can adjust it according to their comfort level. 

Removable Modular Inserts

This is the feature that melts the mind of our editorial team. You can customize the large compartment because of the removable modular inserts. It lets you remove the padded dividers or add one to fit various lenses and flash units. 


  • Shock and scratch-proof backpack
  • Offer optimum protection to your camera accessories
  • Flexible should straps distribute weights for comfortable carrying
  • Ideal for travel and outdoor activities


  • It would be best if it allows quick access to the camera

Buying Tips

If you look for a multi-functional camera that fits every camera & lenses, then it will be your best. The removable modular inserts allow customizing the main cell to fit various cameras with lenses. Therefore, several accessory pockets make this backpack ideal for traveling. 

04. Medium Camera Bag Case by Altura Photo

best dslr camera bag for travel

You don’t mind getting a backpack that accommodates your Sony a6000 with two lenses. Plus, if the camera bag also allows you to store extra things, it will be a paradise on earth for you!!

Yes, Medium Camera Bag Case by Altura Photo is the type of backpack you are looking for. 

This backpack has enough storage capacity to keep your sony camera body with extra one or two lenses. On top of that, it has several accessory pockets. So, you can carry additional batteries, cords, cables, SD cards, and other personal belongings. 

Afterward, the lid opening system keeps the bag away from your body. In return, you can quickly access your gear with ease and security. 

Therefore, the removable shoulder straps offer a customizable fit. It means you can adjust the camera case according to your height. 

Lastly, its longevity! This Altura camera case uses durable polyester materials, which ensures the durability. 

Adjustable Compartments

The noteworthy feature we spot out of this camera bag case is its adjustable compartments. Its hook and loop fastened padded inserts keep your camera and lenses separate. So, you don’t need to worry about their safety or getting scratches. 


  • Polyester materials add durability to this camera backpack
  • Removal & adjustable shoulder straps fit every height of men
  • Comfortable carrying options
  • Easy to access zippered pockets for accessories


  • It would be best if its straps will be well-padded

Buying Tips

It will be your best bait if you want to carry your sony a6000 with two lenses. Therefore, it has side & zippered pockets to store extra accessories. 

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05. FOSOTO Waterproof Anti-shock Camera Case Bag

FOSOTO Waterproof Anti-shock Camera Case Bag

At number 5, we bring another durable and multi-functional camera case bag. 

The camera-carrying bag has one side pocket and mesh zippered compartments. So, there have enough room for keeping extra accessories like charger, cable, lens, filter, and so on. 

Therefore, the removable shoulder straps provide ultimate comfort to carry. You can adjust the straps according to your height. On top of that, this camera backpack features a rain cover. It helps to protect your bag and valuable equipment if you meet the rain suddenly. 

Another upside of this backpack is its construction material. It uses nylon material that adds longevity to this. Also, this camera case is water-resistant due to its built-in substance. 

Anti-shock interior with detachable dividers

The best feature we spot out of this camera case is its anti-shock interior. It means the bag resists impact and shock to protect your camera & lenses. Plus, this camera bag also has two detachable dividers with velcro tab sticks. As a result, you can move the divider to create a partition to keep the camera body and lenses separate. 


  • Waterproof cover protects your valuable equipment safe from sudden rain
  • Easy to carry
  • Long-lasting
  • Meshes zippered pockets keep your accessories protected from shock


  • The backpack cover is water-resistant, not waterproof

Buying Tips

If you look for a camera bag that offers ultimate protection and ensure ease of carrying, then you must go for this. Its anti-shock interior keeps your delicate equipment safe from shock. 

Buying Guide to the Best Camera Bag for Sony a6000

Choosing the best mirrorless camera sling bag is challenging. Besides, the ample availability of camera cases make us confused to pick the right one. 

However, the following considerations will help you to get the best camera bag. 

Adjustable Interior Dividers

The first and foremost thing you should consider before picking a camera bag is the adjustable divider. It doesn’t only keep your camera and lenses separate but also secure. Because of the inserts, you can customize the interior to accommodate your camera & lens. 

Fortunately, all the backpacks we listed feature with interior dividers. So, you can pick any of them from the list to store your camera body and lenses with security. 

Protection Capability

Ensuring the protection of your delicate and precise equipment should be your priority. So, pick a backpack that comes with meshy pouches or a soft interior. It keeps your camera accessories like a camera & lenses safe from getting scratches.  Also, consider the camera bag that includes a rain cover like the Medium Camera Bag Case.

Therefore, you can also choose a backpack with a soft foam layer. It provides optimum protection to your camera and lenses. 

Multiple Pockets

Yeah, the Sony a6000 is a small camera body. So, it will be ok to get a backpack that meets your needs. In other words, a compact size backpack that holds the camera and lens kit. However, you don’t mind if the camera case also lets you carry other stuff. 

Fortunately, every camera bag on this list comes with multiple accessory pockets. So, you can pack small stuff like cables, chargers, phones, and so on. 

Adjustable Shoulder Straps

You don’t want a camera backpack that makes your shoulder painful. So, choose a bag that features customizable shoulder straps. It lets you adjust the backpack according to your comfort level or height. In return, it distributes the weight and makes it easy to carry. 

Considering this, you can go for any case on this list because of their adjustable shoulder straps. 


How long a camera case bag will last depends on the construction material. 

A backpack made of nylon or polyester will last for a long time. So, before picking a camera bag, make sure the case uses those two substances. 

For example, the Medium Camera Bag Case uses polyester material. On the other hand, the FOSOTO Camera Backpack uses nylon. 

Both of them are durable and protect your camera equipment from scratch. 

Easy to access or not

Another thing you need to consider before picking a backpack is its easy accessibility. Choose a camera case that offers quick access to the camera gear. In return, you can get the camera when you need it most to snap a shot. 

Luckily, every backpack we enlisted offers quick and easy access to the camera compartment. So, you don’t need to worry about that. 

Why should we recommend those camera cases & bags for sony a6000?

After scrutinizing hundreds of camera bags, our editorial team enlisted those top 5 backpacks. 

The main purpose behind including those is to carry your Sony a6000 and lens kit with ease and security. 

Now, let’s see the reason behind picking those cases and bags.

Meet the basic and beyond

Every backpack we listed holds the Sony a6000 camera body and one or two extra lenses. So, you will be tension-free about the compatibility of those bags. 

Apart from this, all the camera cases include multiple accessory pockets. So, you can also keep extra stuff like chargers, batteries, headphones, and so on. 

Offer superior protection 

Cameras and lenses are valuable photography equipment. Protecting them from every impact, you need a dedicated backpack. So, a bag with interior dividers will be your best bait. It allows you to adjust the inner cell of the case by moving the velcro strap or inserts. 

As a result, you can easily keep your camera and lens separated to ensure their protection. And all of the backpacks we listed are well-padded. Therefore, they feature velcro dividers to ensure the security of your delicate accessories. 

Comfortable to carry

Each of the backpacks we included features with adjustable shoulder straps. So, you can customize their length according to your height. Therefore, it also distributes the weight. In return, you will feel comfortable carrying the load with ease.

Worth every penny

Quality first! And we pick each of the camera bags based on durability, compatibility, and comfortability. So, a single penny of you never goes into the water if you choose any backpacks from the list. 

Final Words

So, what is the best camera bag for the Sony a6000 on this list?

Based on compatibility, durability, and comfortability, we reviewed the best backpack for carrying a camera.

You can keep any of them in your lineup to carry your sony a6000. And the best part is- you can also store an extra one or two lenses with other stuff.

However, if you only need a bag that meets the basic needs, you can pick our top pick. 

On the other hand, you can pick the MOSISO Camera Sling Bag. It is compatible with every DSLR, SLR, and mirrorless camera. 

Therefore, this backpack has several compartments. So, storing personal belongings and extra stuff will be a breeze. 

Now, it’s your turn. Which backpack are you going to pick from the list? Are you already using a backpack that would be useful to include in this list?

Let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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