How to film professional videos with iPhone

This article is an updated guide to shooting videos with your iPhone.We will cover everything step by step, so you will learn exactly how to film professional videos with iPhone. We will go through all the latest camera settings and tools. Also, we will share iPhone video tips to get awesome results and take your … Read more

Why is my text blurry in photoshop

Photoshop is a great program that is used by many designers to create their work. However, sometimes you may notice your text becomes blurry or pixelated when you are editing images in Photoshop. This can be frustrating and time-consuming as it means going back and recreating the text again from scratch. But don’t worry! There’s … Read more

How to invert colours on photoshop

How to invert colours on photoshop

There are many things that can be done using Photoshop, such as cutting images with Photoshop, editing images, changing the color of the image, changing the background of the image, and making the image more attractive. We take pictures for different needs at different times. Photoshop is needed to decorate these pictures beautifully. You came … Read more

How To Photoshop A Picture Into Another Picture Without Photoshop

Introduction Photoshop is the most versatile photo editing software now. There are many competitors, yet everybody knows about this software. Also, when you see any incredible or unusual photo, the first word that comes to your mind is photoshopped. The funny thing is the editor might not edit that image with Photoshop. Still, the tool … Read more

How to make a stencil from a picture without photoshop

Introduction Stenciling is easy, enjoyable, and provides a sense of artistic fulfillment. Handmade pieces have an irresistible beauty and vibe, a consistency that store-bought art cannot cope with. Not to mention, stencils are inexpensive. With good care and handling, you can reuse a high-quality mylar stencil several times. A dab (or roll) of paint is … Read more

How To Put One Picture On Top Of Another In Photoshop

How To Put One Picture On Top Of Another In Photoshop

Introduction Photoshop is an incredible tool that made our imagination take further steps. With the help of this tool, we can edit our personal image or commercial image in minutes. The camera is the best gear to capture any mesmerizing moment. But with Photoshop, you can make the image far better by adding more depth … Read more