How To Photoshop A Picture Into Another Picture Without Photoshop


Photoshop is the most versatile photo editing software now. There are many competitors, yet everybody knows about this software. Also, when you see any incredible or unusual photo, the first word that comes to your mind is photoshopped.

The funny thing is the editor might not edit that image with Photoshop. Still, the tool earned so much fame that the word edited in the image or photo-related term changed to photoshoppYouow you might not be an expert in photoshop.

You may not be a fan, of that but you want to edit a picture. You might be thinking about how to photoshop a picture into another picture without photoshop. If you’re going to do some face swap or detailed editing, there is hardly anything better than photoshop.

Some Free and Paid Alternatives to Photoshop for Photo EditingSome Free and Paid Alternatives to Photoshop for Photo Editing

In Photoshop, it takes a lot of time and energy to learn photo editing properly. But you can find some pretty essential tools that work okay as long as your design is not complex. You can take an image of a person or object, remove its background and set it into another frame with some basic tools. Here are some tools you can use to place one image to another.

Affinity Photo

It is the direct competitor of Photoshop. Affinity photo is much lighter and faster than photoshop. You can work with all the photoshop shortcuts in this tool as well. You can retouch, edit, apply effects and do so much more. In simple words, everything you can do on the Photoshop app those all are in this tool.

Just take two images you want to edit. Cut the portion you want to take from the image and paste it onto the other. Resize and add as many effects as you want, and you will get your desired results.


Photopea is the web base free version of photoshop. You need to have a PC with an excellent configuration to install photoshop. But if you don’t have that powerful PC, that doesn’t stop you from using photoshop as your weapon to create some killer images.

In Photopea, you will get all the tools from photoshop. You can use the layer to class each element in your project. Remove background manually and automatically with detailed tweaks depending on your editing skills.

You can put an image on to another using this tools quite easily. You can place the whole picture over the other image or cut a figure using the pen tool or selection tool. Paste that figure on the background image and adjust the design as you wish. It is that easy.

PhotoScape X

This free alternative of Photoshop gives you a lot of tools to play with. Basic editing like brush, cropping, and background changing is available in this tool. Using this tool, you can easily manipulate one photo into another. Background changing feature will allow you to place an image on top of another.

Remove the background of the image you want to paste into another image and change the background with the second image.


They claim their tool is just the online version of photoshop. You can have almost every advanced editing you need on a photo. Face swap to face fixing; you can have it all. This is monthly subscription software. Using their AI photo effect, you can make your photos a piece of art.


Canva is a web-based graphic design app that you can use right from your web page.

This tool is popular among experienced bloggers and Instagrammers. It’s easy to use, even though you have no prior experience editing photos on a computer.

Suppose you want to edit a picture for a particular social media site. In that case, Canva will provide you with a selection of presets for that platform (i.e., Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)

This is a primary photo and graphic tool, so you can’t ask a lot from it. The tool comes with both free and premium subscriptions. And you can do everything on free offer unless you are going to use this as your primary designing tool.

To place a photo over another in Canva, you have to upload both images. Paste one image you want to use as a background on the canvas. Now click on the other image to paste it on the background image. Using the transform tool around the image, you can resize and adjust the placement.

If you are planning to remove the background of your top image Canva has some premium feature for that as well. From the premium tool list, click on the background remover and select your photo. The AI will detect and remove the background. Don’t worry; the AI is quite good and gives an accurate image. You can use that image to place on your other photos as you feel right.


If you are comfortable with Canva but want a little more, you can choose Picmonkey. This web-based app is especially on the favorite list of small business owners. You have to post a lot of images on social media to get engagement in your business. This tool comes in very handy in these situations.

You can’t expect it to do so much like photoshop, but you can put an image over another. Upload your background image as the canvas, then upload the image you want to overlay. Place them in a perfect way you would like, and tada your images are one top of another in minutes.


When you think about photo editing, your image filters, layers, texture, and all those things, the cooler an image looks, the harder it is to do so. But with Pixlr, it’s pretty easy. The AI-powered software makes it relatively easy to photoshop one picture into another.

The problem most of us get is removing the background of the overlay image. But with Pixlr, you can do it with just a click. And place the other image on the background image, and boom, it is done.

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Photoshop is a great tool, but it’s also hard to learn its use correctly. However, there are a lot of alternatives. You listed as many as we could, but there are too many to call. If you don’t know how to photoshop a picture into another picture without photoshop, then use these tools. They can make your job easy.

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