How to Take Instagram Photos By Yourself

In this article, we will be covering how to take quality Instagram photos alone by yourself with your phone. These tips will help you to up your Instagram game and grow your account.

  • Inspiration
  • Pick an outfit and location
  • Lighting

The best time to take pictures is an hour and 30 minutes before sundown. The best pictures are during sunny or part-clouy weather.

Makes sure your locations and outfit are matching. It will make the picture a lot more aesthetically pleasing

      • Use iPhone tripod

The best thing about a tripod is – it is affordable. With this tool, you will be able to produce quality photos just like your favorite bloggers. The great thing about tripod it that it extends allowing you to shoot from different angles. The tripod is a great height because pictures always come out better when the camera is placed lower and looks up at its subjects. In this case, you are subject because you will be modeling. Most modern tripods come with a Bluetooth remote.

  • Best Camera Angles

Every Instagrammer knows and uses this trick. Here it is. Instead of holding the camera eye-leveled, lower it and simply point it upwards so the subject looks more important. The angle of the shot can dramatically affect how we perceive someone. It can make us look bigger, more courages, and more important.

  • Location

Locations are key for your outfits because you want your outfits to pop. mak sure your locations are scouting

  • Do not shoot during Rush Hour

During Rush Hour expect to have lots of people walking in the way of your shots.



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