If I save a photo on facebook will the user get notified

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Have you ever wanted to share a photo on facebook but didn’t want the person in the picture to know? Maybe it’s because they are wearing something compromising, or maybe it’s just not your best angle.

Whatever the reason, if you save that photo and upload it from your phone as opposed to posting directly from Facebook, then no one will be notified when you upload it.
In order for someone else to see the photo before you delete it off of your profile, they would have had to have been looking at your profile when you uploaded (or saved) the image.

Saving a photo on Facebook does not automatically notify the user. You have to send it as a message, or post it on their wall.

How do I know who downloaded my Facebook photos?

You can see who has viewed your photos by clicking on your Facebook profile, then click Photos. It will display a list of people that have viewed the pictures you have uploaded to Facebook.


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