How to Make a Sticker on PicsArt?

How to make a sticker on Picsart?

Well, creating a custom picsart sticker in PicsArt is super simple. Everybody, even your child, could make stickers with this mobile photo editor.

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But the heck is- if you are new to PicsArt, then it will be challenging for you to create one.

To help you out, I am here only for you.

From this guide, what you are going to learn:

  • How to create custom stickers on PicsArt
  • How to make text stickers on PicsArt
  • And lots

So, let’s dive into right here.

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How to create a custom sticker in PicsArt?

From this chapter, you can learn how to create your own sticker using PicsArt.

Here we go.

Step 1. Open PicsArt

The very first step is- run your PicsArt app on your devices. For this tutorial, I use the Android version of this app and use it to create a picsart sticker on my phone.

Step 2. Tap on the pink ‘Plus’ icon and choose a photo

After opening PicsArt on your devices, you can see the interface that looks like the below screenshot.

From there, click on the ‘+’ icon and choose a photo from your gallery.

Here is the photo I am going to create as my own picsart sticker.

Step 3.  Create an outline using the Cutout tool

Once you choose a photo, select the Cutout tool in the next step to create an outline.

Use your finger to select the area you want to keep as well as outline the area for your sticker.

When you are satisfied with the result, click on the arrow button from the top right side of your screen.

As I am happy with the result, I click on the Save to keep it. It will be stored as a sticker on my gallery.

Step 4. Choose ‘sticker’ from the toolbar.

Now, select Sticker from the below toolbar menu and it brings up a lot of picsart stickers.

From there, choose a sticker you wish to use.

Then, resize the sticker to adjust it with your photo. Also, adjust the opacity according to your image.

If you wish to apply an effect, you can also do it.

Here is the result I have got after applying the HDR effect.

Step 5. Save and share your photo

When you are happy with the final output, tap on the arrow button from the top to save the photo.

Important to include that, you should use the hashtag to share it with more people.

Finally, click on the Save button from the below to save. Or you can tap on the Share button to spread it with the world.

Thus it.

How to create picsart stickers

How to create text stickers on PicsArt?

To create awesome stickers on PicsArt, follow the below step by step guide.

Step 1. Open PicsArt and click on the ‘+’ icon.

At the beginning, first, run PicsArt on your device, and from there, tap on the + icon.

Step 2. Choose a transparent background by scrolling down

Then, start scrolling down and choose a background from there.

You can find various types of background like transparent, white, and other colors background.

In my case, I choose a transparent background.

Step 3. Select the text tool and type the words

Picsart stickers

From the below toolbar menu, select the Text tool.

Now, start typing the words you wish to create an effect.

For example, I type here: Love U.

Next, click on the tick icon from the top right of your screen.

Here how the text looks like by default:

Step 4. Decorate the text

Now, it’s time to add effects to make the text outstanding.

1st, tap on the Font tool to select a font style from there.

I choose ‘Another Hand’ font that looks like this:

Then, tap on the color tool to choose the color of the text. I love this one:

Also, you can add a stroke, shadow, other effects to make the text more attractive.

Here how the final output looks like after decorating the text:

Step 5. Save the photo

Lastly, click on the arrow button from the top.

And then tap on the Save button to save your photo in your gallery. Alternatively, you can share it with the world by tapping on the Share button.

Make sure you add some hashtags if you want a lot of people to find your work.

That’s the end.

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Final Words

You don’t need to be a pro editor to create a funny, creative, and eye-catching sticker on PicsArt.

Even you don’t require any previous skills in editing to make an awesome picsart sticker.

What you need is- install the PicsArt on your device and follow the step-by-step guide I have included above.

So, which type of stickers you are going to create first- custom stickers by photo or the text stickers in Picsart?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. How to delete cutouts that accidentally got saved as stickers?
    Was just trying to cut out people in photo and add a background but accidentally saved multiple failed image cutouts as stickers and I’d like to delete them. I was able to delete accidental stickers before but I can’t find out how to now.


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