Paint by numbers own photo uk

Today, the topic of our discussion is paint by number photo. Now we will talk about paint by numbers photo tips and tricks. It is a popular medium with around million users. And you want to know “paint by numbers own photo uk“. Nowadays many people just want to say the number of his choice and his photo will be printed. So today I will tell you about a website where your picture will be printed just by saying the number.

Paint by numbers own photo uk

Nowadays people want to print pictures using new technology. One of the mediums is photo print by number.

This is a website where you can print photo by saying the number of your choice. Nowadays it is a popular way to print photo by number, because all you have to do is open this website and say your number then you will see your photo is ready to print, then you can print your picture by clicking.

If you want to print your favorite photo you just have to say the number you like then this website will print the picture for you. Today we will be talking about the medium of printing this new photo. So let’s see how this website prints photo by saying the number…

How does it work:

  • Select your design – To ensure a high quality canvas print, select an image with a side of at least 1000 pixels. Our system will check if the uploaded drawing meets all the requirements.
  • Upload Custom Design – Click on “Upload Custom Design” to upload your favorite photo. Then click on “Select File”.
  • Place Your Order – After uploading your photo, your file name will be behind “Select File”. Now you can place your custom design in the cart and place your order. Finished…

Note: in case of problems with the upload, you can still place your order by sending us your personalized drawing to company mail . Don’t forget to tell us your order number.


  • High quality canvas with matching design (size: 40x50cm)
  • Up to 36 acrylic colors to paint your entire design
  • 3 high quality nylon brushes with different tips for an exceptional result
  • On request with frame (together with all the canvases ordered with the frame we send a wooden frame to be fixed)
  • A perfect decoration for living room, kitchen

Why choose to paint with numbers?

  • A GREAT GROUP ACTIVITY – Spend time with loved ones to create your artwork together
  • A DECORATION FOR YOUR WALLS – Beautify your walls with your creations even if you don’t have artistic skills
  • A PERFECT GIFT IDEA – As a birthday or mother’s day gift, everyone will be enchanted by these designs
  • RELAX – Let yourself be distracted by everyday worries. Who needs therapy if they can.

Paint with Numbers?

Painting by numbers: Leisure activities for creative souls!

Become the new Pablo Picasso! Start gradually thanks to the novelty in our eshop that will make creative souls happier. We present the painting by numbers . He will forget about boredom, stress and feel perfectly fine. No painting on paper or drawing.

We will send you the painting canvas on the PROFI frame directly to your home . It is produced in Us from 100% cotton with a weight of even 320 g / m². Thanks to the 18 acrylic colors (3ml) and the set of paint brushes that we pack with each painting you will fall in love immediately and at first sight. We have motifs suitable for adults, but also for children. Enjoy and develop your artistic soul.

What is painting by numbers?What is painting by numbers

You have certainly heard of this phenomenon before. Painting by numbers is the newest hit for creative people in our eshop. The result of this method is a ready-made picture that can be immediately hung on the wall. How do you get there? The numbers are scattered all over the canvas and each number has ready-made acrylic paint.

With the picture we put a set of paint brushes, thanks to which he can start painting. It is not necessary to dilute acrylic paints in water as this can reduce the coverage. The volume is calculated for the given size so that the quantity will suffice for the whole picture. The entire pack for paint by numbers includes:

  • ARTMIE canvas on PROFI frame of 100% cotton with a weight of up to 320 g / m² and pattern printed with numbered fields
  • hard and easy quality spruce sticks whose sides are rounded to prevent damage to the canvas
  • paint set – 3 paint brushes with different hair thickness
  • acrylic paint set in small containers (3ml)
  • paint scheme that l It will help paint the picture correctly.

Painting by numbers for children

Did you know that this activity has a positive effect on children? Thanks to this painting technique, your children improve the coordination of hands, eyes and focus more. Thanks to the real ARTMIE canvas on the PROFI frame, your little ones will feel like real artists. The best part is that in the end the picture appears to be painted by a professional.

If he follows the pattern he will get the desired result. Children paint more often with numbers on animal paintings .

Great KIND of gift

The numerical painting technique will be dominated by all. Even by people who say they don’t know how to paint. For this reason painted pictures are an excellent gift . They will make not only children happy, but adults too. You can choose from more than 30 types of patterns. The advantages that this type of painting has are the following:

  • serves for its mental hygiene and rest
  • teaches it to patience and concentration
  • develops creativity
  • it relaxes the body and mind
  • improves the precision of movements and supports coordination
  • develop skills.

Last words

Hope  you like this article. In the next article we will give you more new information about photo print by number. If you want to know more about paint by numbers photo, please leave a comment in the comment box below. You can also bookmark our site. Thank you.

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