What to say when a guy sends you a picture of his?


What to say when a guy sends you a picture of his? This is a common question for those who are introverts. It is often the case that someone you know sends you a picture of him or her, and if you do not respond to it, the matter seems unusual. This has happened to me too.

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It appears that someone gave me a picture of him, but I can’t find the answer, so many times I face an awkward situation. So that you do not meet the same problems as me, I have brought this article for you. Hopefully, this will help boost your confidence.

How to respond when a guy sends you a picture of his?

What you answer depends a lot on what kind of picture he is sending you. Below is a discussion of what your answer would be according to the type of his picture. A person can send you a picture of himself for good intention or bad intention. What will you say if his intention is good or bad?

Good intention

If someone sends you a pic of guy, don’t forget to compliment him. If you don’t praise him, he may not think so, but your image will be bad for him. So you must commend him. But keep one thing in mind so that there is no excess of praise; it leads to arrogance in a person.

How to compliment a guy when he sends you a picture of him? You may respond with something short and effective like “You are so hot!” Or if you do not want to admit what you seeing an answer like “You’ve left me speechless!” may work. When a guy sends you a picture of his you can compliment his physique or physical appearance. Believe, me it works like magic:).

Wanna boost his confidence? Reply “Oh..send me more!” In case you were not prepared for a pic of guy, you can reply “Well, hello there!” They say that men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. If you are having trouble understanding men, this book will absolutely help you.

If you wish, you can respond positively to the gesture and give him a photograph of yourself in the same environment. Or if anyone sent you his picture, it means he wants to chat with you, so you can answer hello or hi if you wish.

Then if you change the subject, you can answer like “haha,” what are you doing? or something else. If he sent his face picture, Simply say, “You look good” the simple answer isn’t weird and sweet enough to make the man feel good about himself.

If the guy is your boyfriend|friend, don’t praise him falsely. If his picture is not good enough, tell him that it is not good, then maybe he can improve. But keep in mind that he should not feel humiliated and that he may suffer severely.

2. Bad intentions

If the picture is really serious, nudity, or filtered, issue an alert and instruct the user not to send those pictures again. However, if this happens, you must consult with one of your guardians or kin. You should not forward them because the image might be too disturbing for anyone to view.

If you get a pornographic image of a person under 18, delete it immediately and never share it with someone else. Report and block the user on the website where you received the picture.

If you like someone and he sends you a shameful picture, you can reply in the following ways.

Ask him why he sent it.

If you get annoyed with his picture, don’t let him understand. Before you reject him as an incompetent fool, ask him why he would send you a photo and listen to what he says.

Tell him truth

When you’ve allowed him the opportunity to justify his dumb concept, you should be honest about why you don’t like it. Maybe it takes away the suspense, or it simply looks sleazy. If you want to see where things might go with this man, you should open up and tell him where you are.

Tell him what you are looking for.

You tell him you didn’t expect any embarrassing pictures from him. And say to him that you expect something good from him. If you say to him that he did not do well, he may apologize to you.

Don’t reply with a pic of yourself.

Do guys like when you send them a picture of yourself? They absolutely love it! But remember – those photos will remain on his phone or the internet for the rest of his life. Yeah, They will end up there. If you do not know your partner very well you should stay away from it and do not send a picture of yourself. You are supporting this activity. He’s showing he’s a fool and worthless of your time.

how to compliment a guy

What does it mean when a guy sends you pictures of himself?

It all relies on your bond with the guy and his attitude. Suppose you have excellent contact with this man, which indicates that he regards you as more than just a friend. He sent you a picture of himself with his mother – this may mean that he wishes to share a proud moment with you, and trust me, if he were in good contact with anyone else, he would give it to them as well, regardless of gender.

But the fact that he used to call you every day shows that you are more than just a friend to him. Your situation is ideal for the formation of a relationship. However, you must pay special attention to him and prevent him from being creepy by asking him any “less but intimate questions.” What you can do is give him any of your pictures, but select them carefully.

If he sends you photos of himself doing his activities rather than just pictures of himself in his bedroom or bathroom, he is most likely looking for dating or something.

If he doesn’t give you photos of himself regularly, and when he does, he’s with some other girl or creating ugly faces and just gives you pictures of his passions.

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What to say when a guy sends you a picture of his? If he sends you beautiful pictures of his, don’t forget to compliment him. It will raise his self-confidence. If he is susceptible in that case, you should give him compliments. But if someone sends you a wrong, offensive picture of him, delete it and tell him that he shouldn’t do all this, and then if he doesn’t listen to you, you should report it to the police.

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