What was the name of the playstation 2 digital camera

Today, the topic of our discussion is playstation 2 digital camera. It is a popular gaming station around the world. And you want to know “how to change WhatsApp profile picture of friends”. In this article, we will tell you “What was the name of the playstation 2 digital camera?

What was the name of the playstation 2 digital camera?

Many people who like to play games on PlayStation 2 with digital camera and want to know the name of the camera that is used in PlayStation. Now I tell you. The name of the playstation 2 digital camera is EyeToy. EyeToy is a PlayStation 2’s digital camera that allows game players to play games using this camera.

Can I use the EyeToy as a PC webcam?Can I use the EyeToy as a PC webcam

The EyeToy is a PlayStation 2 peripheral released in 2003. With a little effort, the EyeToy can be installed on your PC and used as a webcam by most webcam software. Thanks to its older hardware. The EyeToy lacks the latest webcam quality and features, but is sufficient enough for basic webcam use.


Although the computer will recognize the EyeToy as a USB device, it will not function without a driver. A driver allows the EyeToy to interact with the webcam software. Sony official drivers were never released for the EyeToy, meaning you will need to use unofficial drivers.


The EyeToy is a USB 1.1 device that supports a resolution of 320 x 240 and has a manual focus ring. Due to technical limitations of the device and the lack of a backlight, it is preferable to use the EyeToy in a well-lit area. The built-in microphone can act as a stand-alone microphone or simultaneously with the webcam from any software that supports a microphone.


The EyeToy will work with more commonly used instant messaging programs, such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, AIM and Windows Live. After installing the EyeToy drivers, open the program’s settings or options menu to configure the audio and video settings for the webcam.


Many unofficial drivers were created around the release of EyeToy for Windows XP. The age of the EyeToy means fewer drivers have been released for later operating systems such as Vista and Windows 7. Older drivers may work for Vista and Windows 7, although problems may occur if you are using a 64-bit version of the operating system.

Buy the Best Spy CameraBuy the Best Spy Camera

Aobo 4K HD WiFi mini hidden camera with night vision

The first spy camera that we take into consideration in our ranking is the one proposed by Aobo. It is one of the best-selling items online thanks to its extremely small size, which allows you to hide it where you prefer without attracting attention. The recording resolution, despite the possibility of going up to 4K.

Should it be in a dimly lit place, it can count on six hidden IR sensors, thus capturing movies in the absence of light. The autonomy is around 6 hours, thanks to the 1,500 mAh battery, avoiding overheating through cooling and heat dissipation technology. Therefore it can also be connected to a power source to obtain interrupted recordings 24/7.

Attention must be paid to the range of Wi-Fi which is not entirely satisfactory. It is therefore recommended to place it sufficiently close to the modem / router.


  • Dimensions: The spy camera looks like a small and easy to hide cube in a bookcase. On a shelf or in areas where it will hardly be detected. This is the main reason for the huge success it has had online.
  • Autonomy: Without connection to the mains the recording duration is around 6 hours. However it is important to remember that it can in fact be used as a 24/7 surveillance camera if powered via cable.
  • MicroSD: It is not included in the package, however the supported cuts reach up to 128 GB. So you can record a large amount of video if we consider that the real output is not 4K but rather 720p.


  • Coverage: Wi-Fi is not always flawless and if positioned too far from the router you could encounter disconnection problems. An event to be avoided if you rely on the product to video surveillance some rooms in your apartment.

Facamword Mini 1080P HD Hidden Camera 

Next we have a portable camera weighing just 40 grams, with a very small lens and a cable that reaches the hardware part where the images are processed. Thanks to these characteristics it can be carried with you or even be installed in the home without attracting attention. The cable is flexible and therefore can be folded to hide the bulkier part of the device, leaving only the lens in the shooting area. .

The resolution offered is Full HD, or 1080p, with a battery life of about 60 minutes. If you prefer to use it for continuous recording you will have to connect it to the power using a 5V adapter.

When you are away from home and want to check what happens in your apartment. You can access the streaming video or the images taken using the dedicated application on an iOS or Android smartphone. Configurable with the manual included in the package. The supported memory card is microSD and keep in mind that it must be purchased separately.


  • Wearable: If we consider that the lens is very small, the product can be easily hidden on your clothes, to shoot even when you are away from home. The duration in this case is limited. However, we are talking about 60 minutes.
  • App: All aspects related to streaming and image acquisition can be managed via the application, which can be downloaded on both iOS and Android smartphones. For initial setup just follow the included instruction manual.
  • Resolution: From such a small camera one would not expect high quality. However it manages to record images in Full HD, i.e. 1080p.


  • Autonomy: If it is not connected to electricity, the life of the camera is just over an hour. The battery is in fact only 300 mAh, a limitation given by the size of the product.


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